Five Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media that are Killing Your Online Business

Social media

Social media and staying on top of the trends is extremely important to having a successful online business. Connecting through social media is as big as it has ever been and social media in general is allowing business to really expand and grow. However, at the same time, you need to be careful in the ways that you use social media, as used incorrectly, it could actually have a negative effect on your business. Of course, taking advantage of the professional services that a digital marketing agency will offer you will only aide you in taking full advantage of social media. These mistakes are very common and could be killing your online business without you even knowing it.

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Not Having Social Media Share Buttons

One of the easiest things to forget to install on a webpage is the social media share buttons. However, there are tools that will add social media share buttons to all of your posts. Not having these buttons limits the amount of growth that your website will see. If the option is right there, more people are going to share your content, which is free marketing.

Marketing Only to Youth

This can be tempting to do, but you should think about your overall brand before switching your marketing. Sometimes, going off brand to market to the younger generation can backfire because you can lose the customers and visitors that you already have. This happens a lot on Twitter and Instagram, so plan ahead just in case the marketing does not work.

Vertical Videos

This is super easy to fix, but most people forget to do this. If you are filming a video that you are going to share on social media, hold your device horizontally. The black bars on the sides make the video hard to watch and make it look like you did not put any effort into the recording. The only place vertical video is still ok is on SnapChat.


When you have over 20 hashtags on an Instagram photo or more than 3 in a Twitter post, you look desperate and spammy. If you want to use hashtags, make sure that all of them are related to the content and try to limit the amount of them. Trending hashtags can help, but you should have something relevant to say if you are using them.

Not Giving Credit

When you are downloading videos and memes or reposting what other social media accounts have already posted, you need to stop, especially if you do not give credit to the original creator. It is not only embarrassing to be called out for taking other people’s work; you can also be sued over reposting content. The best option is to not post content of other people, or you should ask the original creator to make sure that you can use the content before you post it.

We all have made these mistakes in the past, but learning from them is something you really need to do, in order to take full advantage of what social media has to offer. Using social media in the right way is important because you can improve your business and grow your customer base.


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